It seems like everyone has an opinion about Nelly’s ongoing alleged rape case. However, Nelly’s ex-girlfriend, Ashanti, is keeping mum about her thoughts on the St. Louis rapper’s legal situation.

Recently, a TMZ photographer cornered Ashanti in LAX and asked her what she thought of the Nelly scandal. Her only response was, “I have a new single that’s coming out called ‘Say Less.’” As the photog continues to pry her for a concrete answer, the R&B singer smiles and repeats the name of her new song.

Although 'Shanti didn't want to speak on Nelly's situation, T.I. offered his two cents on the case. On Sunday (Oct. 8), T.I. went on his Instagram account to deliver a rant about women who make false rape accusations.

“I’m just sitting here thinking. After Mike Tyson, after motherf---in’ Tupac, after all the other motherf---ers who done been with girls and the girls got mad for whatever reason, what the f--- ever happened when the motherf---er find out that the bitch was lying?” he asked. “What consequences is there for this young lady? If Nelly’s case goes to trial and he’s found innocent, will the woman making these accusations then be the one to face a legal battle?”

Since his release from police custody, Nelly has denied the allegations and vows to clear his name in the case.

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