Like the title of her new album 'BraveHeart,' Ashanti is feeling braver these days when it comes to addressing rumors about herself. The singer visited Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club' this week and openly spoke about her relationship (or lack thereof) with former flame Nelly and her feelings about her old label Murder Inc.

Ashanti says that she and Nelly are not together officially but are on good terms. "Are we cool? Yeah." She says that "a lot of things were said and done publicly that should not have been." When probed as to whether she was to blame for their breakup, she said that both parties made mistakes. "No. We both definitely made mistakes…Things do come full circle," the New York native explained.

The 'First Real Love' songstress also denied the longstanding rumor that she and Murder Inc. honcho Irv Gotti were ever romantically tied. Although she's no longer down with the label, Ashanti assures that she's on good terms with Ja Rule and speaks to him often.