Move over Beyonce, the A$AP Mob crew are getting in formation to always strive and prosper. On the rollicking track, “Lords Never Worry,” A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Nast and A$AP Rocky drop militant rhymes of money, power and respect.

Over a stomping beat, blaring trumpet horns and operatic choir, the A$AP Lords vow to make an impact in music by any means necessary.

"I feel good enough to buy a bunch of real estate / Move my momma outta state," raps Nast. "Why? 'Cause this the new power anthem / And n----, we the new Black Panthers, bitch / Get your hands up, we in it for the ransom / Money, power, respect, blocks gave us the answer."

Twelvyy follows with a blistering verse detailing his mind state as he maneuvers from the streets to the boardrooms.

"Got a budget for the lawyer, it's my freedom on the corner / It ain't worth it, making history is more important / My thoughts is soarin', smokin' power," he spit, adding, "Look I just finished tourin', world wide residential / All started with a pencil, now my suites presidential."

Finally, Rocky delivers a black power verse, albeit controversial, as he name drops Martin Luther, Jr., Malcolm X and President Obama.

"This is Huey Newton with the Uzi shooting' / The trill Martin Luther finna spark the Ruger / Malcolm X's Muslim army marchin' to ya / Flacko bring the chopper to ya, preacher screamin' hallelujah," he raps, adding, "Dear Mr. President, I'm the s---."

"Lords Never Worry" is part of A$AP Rocky's new weekly music series called Wavy Wednesdays. Raise your fist up in the air and check out the A$AP Twelvyy's song below.

A$AP Twelvyy's Song "Lords Never Worry" Feat. A$AP Nast & A$AP Rocky

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