All of the rumors about another member of the Kardashian Klan dating yet another rapper were true, reportedly. Kendall Jenner really is dating A$AP Rocky, according US Weekly.

A source for the publication said the two are the "real deal" and that they're now "full on dating"—you know, as opposed to half-dating.

The rumors about their romance started some months back when Rocky attended Kendall's PacSun launch in New York. From there, Kendall showed up at Rocky's set during Panorama Festival in NYC. Next, she reportedly brought Rocky to her little sister, Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday party (Kylie, of course, is involved in a dramatic back-and-forth with rapper Tyga).

Kendall and Rocky were also spotted getting extra friendly during a romantic dinner at the Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel last month. Back in June, Rocky 27, was spotted by paparazzi strolling the streets of Paris with Kendall, 20, who was in town to make an appearance during Menswear Fashion Week. The two allegedly had a romantic dinner at the exclusive L’Avenue restaurant and went dancing afterward at the posh Cartel Club.

At any rate, a new rapper has joined the Kardashian crew. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat will surely rejoice.


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