Skee-lo spoke for vertically challenged people everywhere when he released his 1995 hit 'I Wish' ("I wish I was a little bit taller / I wish I was a baller"). Close to 20 years later, A$AP Ferg is also drawing attention to the small guys of the world with his flashy track 'Shabba.' The Harlem, N.Y., representer gets straight to the point in the first lines of the song: "Short n---- but my d--- tall." He's obviously making up for his lack of height in more X-rated ways.

Since Fergenstein is an expert on the subject, The Boombox decided to pick his brain on how short men of the world can still prosper, especially when it comes to kicking game to the ladies. Did you ever think wearing a poncho could stop you from landing a first date with a statuesque beauty? Well, the 25-year-old A$AP Mob member is here to tell you it will. Check out A$AP Ferg's Tips for Short People.

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