Swag. Yolo. Twerk. Hip-hop vernacular has gifted us with remarkable words like these, which have slowly become part of everyday conversation -- whether you like it or not. Some have even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary due to their cultural popularity. Rappers tend to be the creators of these slanguistic gems, A$AP Ferg included.

After listening to the Harlem-bred wordsmith’s debut album, ‘Trap Lord,’ it’s apparent he has his own distinct way of saying things. Ferg and the A$AP Mob drop this vocabulary both in and out of their lyrics. From his version of “fall back” to “being honest,” the self-described “Hood Pope” kicks off TheBoombox.com’s new video series, Slang Editorial, in which artists offer definitions of their signature words.

Experience A$AP Ferg’s essential rap lexicon.