Celebrity antics are always good for a few chuckles. Some artists make themselves the butt of a good joke more often than not. This April Fools' Day, The BoomBox decided to enlist the help of a professional to celebrate the occasion. New York City-based comedian Omar Thompson provides some prank ideas for eight of our favorite artists.

"It was easy to poke fun at certain celebs because I'm an actual fan of the music," he tells The BoomBox. "But others I didn't want to go too hard on because they may come from Brooklyn and kick my ass. Lord knows I can't fight... But I will sue with the quickness."

The Harlem-bred funnyman has been on the comic scene for nearly a decade, appearing on BET's "One Mic Stand" with Kevin Hart, "The Tyra Banks Show" and TV One. He's also graced the stages of New York City's famed Apollo Theater and Caroline's Comedy Club. After presenting Thompson with a list of some of hip-hop and R&B's brightest stars, he went to work.

"The male R&B singers were easy because I'm pretty sure I can kick anyone's ass who can do the dougie and hit high notes at the same time and that includes Drake," he shares. Though he won't get to actually carry out these elaborate pranks today, it's the thought that counts. "When it's all said and done, I just want any artist who liked or hated their prank to 'at' me on Twitter @OmarTheComedian," he says. "And buy me a new 1998 Honda Civic. Thanks."

See Prank Ideas for Hip-Hop and R&B's Brightest Stars


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