Anthony Hamilton croons of second chances at romance in his new song 'Never Let Go,' a song co-penned by songwriter Chri$tyle with a feature from Keri Hilson and one that will appear on his fourth album, 'Back to Love.'

Produced by Jerry Wonda, the soul singer drops lines on the soothing groove that speak to women who've given up on love due to the pain experienced from past relationships.

"How can I compare you for how I wanna love you/ I know you've been hurt and pain and love is all the same in your eyes/ So baby take a chance to/ Really let me show you/ And if you open up I'll/ Teach you how to love for life," Hamilton sings.

Hilson, whose 'Pretty Girl Rock' track was nominated for Best Dance Performance at the 2011 Soul Train Awards, chimes in on the chorus with, "I don't wanna cry no more, 'cause I've been broken/ Teach me how to love again."

Anthony Hamilton's 'Back to Love' LP debuts Dec. 13.

Listen to Anthony Hamilton's 'Never Let Go' Feat. Keri Hilson

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