Alicia Keys got a surprise during her finale performance with Jay-Z at this years VMA's when rapper Lil' Mama crashed the stage unannounced. During a recent visit to 'The Today Show' to promote her new piano ballad, 'Doesn't Mean Anything,' Keys was asked about the incident, and, at first, declined to comment. "The performance was so phenomenal, it doesn't matter about anything else," Keys told 'Today Show' hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The giddy duo, however, eventually fished out an answer. "We [could] appreciate [Lil Mama] being overwhelmed and inspired," Keys dished, "but we would have preferred she did it from her seat."

After commenting about her own experience at the VMA's, the Grammy-winning R&B singer was also asked about Kanye West's interruption during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. "I think that obviously he knew that that probably wasn't probably in best taste in retrospect." Keys said. "I think that he realized that wasn't quite the right thing to do. The night was a little strange."

'Doesn't Mean Anything' is a teaser for Keys' fourth studio effort. "I'm excited about the record," she gushes. "The song just lifts you up and takes you somewhere -- on this journey."