Akon made headlines last week after he filed a $750,000 suit against his former concert booking reps American Talent Agency, and now they're firing back. ATA is planning a counter suit against the Senegalese singer and his Kon Live Touring, Inc. company, claiming that he owes them unpaid booking fees and costs in connection with concerts they scheduled and Akon either canceled or failed to appear.

"There are many performances for which Akon and Kon Live Touring Inc. owe American Talent Agency several thousands dollars in fees for dates booked by American Talent Agency and also several thousands of dollars for costs in connection with performances booked by American Talent Agency for which Akon unilaterally canceled or failed to appear, which American Talent Agency has had to absorb on behalf of Akon and Kon Live Touring Inc," said ATA in a statement.

The 'Smack That' performer originally filed suit last Thursday against ATA, claiming that they withheld fees from gigs and continued to use his likeness to promote unapproved shows after he terminated his relationship with the company in September 2010. While ATA doesn't want to engage in a public dispute, the corporation intends to defend its name and clear the air.

"American Talent Agency does not think it appropriate to discuss in the press the financial numbers submitted by Akon in his claims, but vehemently deny the allegations set forth by Akon," they continued. "American Talent Agency will vigorously defend the allegations made against them and will be bringing claims against Kon Live Touring Inc. and Akon individually."

Akon is gearing up for the release of his fourth studio album 'Stadium,' which has continuously been pushed back.

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