Hip-hop icon Afrika Bambaata has been hit with sexual abuse allegations by three more men.

The New York Daily News has spoken to three men who claim that Universal Zulu Nation founder allegedly sexually molested them when they were in their early teens during the 1980s.

One of the men, Hassan Campbell, alleges that Bambaataa molested him several times as a teenager at the hip-hop pioneer's home.

“There were celebrities there, musicians, neighborhood heroes. It was the best place to be -- and the worst place to be, he said.

“He (Bambaataa) is a pervert,” the 39-year-old added. “He likes little boys.”

The two other men, who requested that their names be kept hidden, tell the same alleged sordid tale. The trio claim the “Planet Rock” creator showed them pornography and then performed oral sex on them.

One unidentified man, who is now 51 years old and living in South Carolina, says he's still traumatize over his ordeal.

“I still have a lot of anger about this," he told NYDN. “I’ve been dealing with this for years. It’s a shame this didn't come out earlier.”

This latest news follows Ronald Savage’s confession that Bambaataa molested him when he was a teen. The former member of the New York State Democratic Committee claims several instances when Bambaataa and him allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual acts.

“I hated myself,” he said. “I don’t even know why I did that. I don’t even know how he got me to do that. It was like I was hypnotized.”

Through his attorney, Vivian Kimi Tozaki, Bambaataa denied the initial sexual abuse allegations calling them "baseless" and "cowardly. Ms. Tozaki also denounced the allegations as well. She writes:

Defamatory statements were published seeking to harm my client’s reputation so as to lower him in the estimation of the community while deterring others from associating or dealing with him,” she said. “The statements show a reckless disregard for the truth, were published with knowledge of their falsity and are being made by a lesser-known person seeking publicity.”

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