Afrika Bambaataa is denying all allegations against him about molesting underage boys in the late '70s and early '80s. The count of victims that have come forward alleging that the hip-hop pioneer sexually abused them has now reached seven, according to former radio personality Star, who originally broke the story.

On The Ed Lover Show, Bambaataa denied all the allegations. “This is false allegations that’s being put against me," he said. "A lot of lies, and it could be me today and you tomorrow. I completely deny all types of accusations."

Bambaataa also seems to think that there's a conspiracy at play to destroy his legacy. "You need to ask the question... what is the hidden agenda behind this?" he continued in the first interview since the allegations rose. He also refers to it as "sensationalism just to gain publicity."

But the "Planet Rock" creator is certain that his work in activism and hip-hop can show the truth. "My record speaks for itself," he said.

Ronald Savage is the first of four men who've accused Bambaataa of molesting them as young boys during the Zulu Nation's prime.

It is too late to prosecute Bambaataa on criminal charges since the statue of limitations is over. New York Law states that once an assaulted minor reaches the age of 23, they can no longer file against their abuser. Savage, who hopes to be able to change the law, details the alleged assault in his memoir, Impulse, Urges and Fantasies, but changed the names.

If Bambaataa decides to file a defamation lawsuit, Savage's lawyer, Luis Sepulveda, is all for it. "We welcome the opportunity to have [Bambaataa] speak under oath at a deposition," said Sepulveda. "We welcome the opportunity to present evidence to him. My client's allegations are true."

Listen to Afrika Bambaataa's interview above and below.

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