Come rain or shine, Action Bronson will release his 'Blue Chips 2' this November.

Just days ago, the Queens rapper announced the tracklist to the follow up of 'Blue Chips." Bronson had stated that the effort would be released only with the blessing of Mother Nature. "BLUE CHIPS 2... The First Day it rains in NOVEMBER. Be ready," he tweeted.

says that 'Blue Chips 2' will drop within the first five days of November no matter the weather: "BLUE CHIPS WILL DROP WITHIN THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF NOVEMBER.... NO MATTER WHAT."

What can we expect from the forthcoming effort? According to Bronson, it'll be zany. "IF U WANNA LAUGH, CRY, HATE ME, LOVE ME, WANAA F--K ME , WANNA FIGHT ME, LOVE RABBITS THEN ULL CRASH UR CAR TO BLUE CHIPS 2!!!!! I PROMISE."