Rapper-Saucier Action Bronson is the last action hero in his fantastic new video for “The Chairman’s Intent."

Inspired by ‘70s kung-fu films, the clip, directed by Rik Cordero, goes beyond absurdity as Bronson battles a series of villains with just only his bare hands. The bad guys come with swords and guns to dispatch the blonde wig-wearing Bronsolino to no avail.

One hilarious scene finds Bronson telling a toughie “Kiss your father on the lips for me” before he tosses him off a tall building. Yep, he's that ruthless. The grainy visual effects and retro graphics also adds to the visual’s campiness as well. Overall, it's a brilliant video by Bronson and Cordero.

“The Chairman’s Intent” will appear on Bronson's upcoming project called Blue Chips 7000, which is the latest installment in his popular Blue Chips series. The collection is due on Aug. 25 via Vice/Atlanic. If you got $5,000 to spend, you can cop the project and a special invite to a VIP dinner with Action Bronson, himself. For more information, click here.

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