"Accidental Racist," LL Cool J's racial tension-inspired collaboration with country star Brad Paisley, has caused controversy since its release, but we somehow suspect that the hip-hop legend didn't think it would amount to this much hubaloo.

Still, he's got an album dropping in late April and if he was looking for some promotion, he certainly got it.

"I needed to do something that was going to be interesting like that, and shake things up, and jump out of the box," he told CNN on Sunday (April 7) at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. "I'm really proud of it, and I hope the world hears it and enjoys it."

And while the song may have been poorly received in hip-hop circles, there's still something to be said for LL taking a stance while offering something unique and different. Most of all he should be commended for trying -- whether he succeeded or not -- to do something positive.

"Music is about, and art is about, connecting different people, and building bridges and breaking the rules," LL said. "If it's not compelling, and it's not complex and it's not interesting, then what are we doing it for? So I think that's the right move."

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