If, like us, you loved 'Control System,' then Ab-Soul's new album, 'These Days...,' probably caught you off guard. While keeping his third eye open on 'World Runners' and wearing his heart on his sleeve on 'Closure,' the Black Lip Pastor indulged in uncharacteristically ig'nant behavior throughout the project, and this was no more evident than on 'Hunnid Stax.'

Ab-Soul's complete 180 from 'Control System' becomes almost comical in the song's newly-debuted video, which is chock-full of typical rap traits. After hotboxing a limo while a pair of vixens get familiar with his "50 dollar drawers," Soulo joins ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Mac Miller at a mansion party, where the girls, weed and money run in higher supply.

The painfully conventional clip comes to a close with some last words from Diddy, who cleverly insinuates that, like we all hope, the whole schtick may indeed be satirical. "What? It ain't no more to it," he says with feigned innocence. "Soulo eating now. Tell 'em Puff said so."

That first part is for you to decide.