Other than manning his increasingly rabble-rousing Twitter account, 50 Cent has spent most of the year acting and he's adding yet another film to his upcoming projects list. Set for release November 11, 50 and indie rap mainstay Tech N9ne will be starring in a new film entitled 'Vengeance' with veteran character actor Danny Trejo.

50 Cent's role in the movie is still relatively unknown, but the film's director Gil Medina recently discussed how Tech N9ne was chosen for his role.

"I'd been to a lot of shows with Tech N9ne and watched him grow," he reflected. "Nobody knew, nobody could have even foreseen that at the time this movie is getting ready to come out that Tech N9ne is the number one independent underground rapper in the world ... Also, Danny [Trejo] did Tech's video 'Like Yeah.' That's his latest video and Danny was in that. So Tech is a really good friend of ours."

Trejo's most recent turn was in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' and he's also known for roles as a menacing, antagonistic character in films like 'Desperado,' 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico,' 'From Dusk Till Dawn' and the borderline amazing 'Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror.'

It's unknown if 'Vengeance' is slated for a straight-to-DVD release through 50 Cent's Cheetah Vision Films production company or if 50 received the role as an outside job.