TMZ reports that the handwritten lyrics for 2Pac's 1995 hit "Dear Mama" are now up for sale.

Over the past year, a number of items from Pac have gone up for auction, including notebooks and lyrics and even the car he was shot in, among other things. The "Dear Mama" lyrics hold special meaning, however. Not only is the track one of Pac's most memorable, but his mother, Afeni Shakur, passed away last year as well.

The lyrics are up for sale at for $75,000, and the sheets came from the studio where Tupac recorded the song. The site reportedly acquired the lyrcs from a private collector in Poland.

You can see the lyric sheet here, which features obviously, the lyrics to the song, as well as a couple of rappers' names who maybe Pac considered featuring on the track—Ice Cube and Yo-Yo.

The lyrics going up for sale is just the latest in a round of Pac news. Later this year, his bipoic, All Eyez on Me, will hit theaters and there is also a TV show on USA Networks about his and Biggie's murders in the works as well.


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