Another day, another rap beef. This time it involves 2 Chainz and incarcerated rapper C-Murder.

C-Murder, who has been in prison since being convicted of second degree murder in 2009, is the brother of rap mogul Master P. For some strange reason, the rapper has picked a beef with 2 Chainz over his popular ad lib, "TRU!"

C-Murder feels that 2 Chainz bit the ad lib from him and his former group, TRU, which was signed to No Limit Records during the tank's heyday, and decided to air out his grievances on a new diss song called "2 Stainz."

“I made this Tru s--- 2 Chainz, f--- you n----, p---- a-- n----," he raps, before continuing to disparage the rapper. "Ya d--- in the booty a-- n----, you’d be a hoe if you was in the pen."

C-Murder doesn't stop there, tearing into 2 Chainz with scathing bars like, “I’m the realest n---- that ever wore a Tru chain / This goes out to that b---- n---- 2 Chainz / You could never be me ’cause ya too lame / I pop ya in the chest and make 2 stainz."

2 Chainz, who seemed to be unfazed by C-Murder's jabs, released a video via his Instagram account responding to the diss. "My partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me," he said. "That's hard as f---. C-Murder always been hard as f---. TRU."

In another clip, the Atlanta rhymer begins to sing along to the Stylistic's 1971 classic, "You Are Everything," which could be taken as 2 Chainz mocking C-Murder's attempt to sully his character.

Many would say that 2 Chainz is taking this attack on his character in stride, but aside from this newfound beef, 2 Chainz has little to complain about and seems to be enjoying another renaissance in his career.

Last week, Deuces reportedly sold $2 million worth of Dabbing Santa sweaters. He also appeared in a movie called Take Over Your Trap alongside fellow ATL rappers Bankroll Fresh, Street Money Red, Cap-1, and others.

If you are interested, the abrasive track is available on iTunes if you want to purchase it.

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