At this point, there's not much to be argued in reference to Jay Z being the most accomplished rapper to ever hold a microphone being that the stats he's compiled over the years proves the obvious. Since making his entrance into the rap game with his 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, the Brooklyn, N.Y. native has managed to wow the public in various ways, whether it be through his refined lyricism, his exploits as a businessman, or his moves as an elder statesmen of hip-hop. Doing the impossible and making it look easier than a layup may be too much to ask for most, but has become the norm for Hov, who has risen to the occasion time and time again.

But a trait that has helped Jay Z in many areas, from being a mogul, artist, and a family man, is his ability to keep his cool under stressful and strenuous situations that would know lesser men off their kilter. Whereas a majority of people tend to move off of emotion, the Roc Nation boss has chosen to be more calculated, thinking three chess moves ahead before making his first, forever above reproach from his detractors of the competition.

While he's also had his share of moments were he acted erratically under emotional duress (the 1999 stabbing of Lance "Un" Rivera), Jay Z has been able to keep his composure on numerous occasions where losing your marbles would be forgiven, setting him apart from many of his peers and contemporaries.

Here are ten notable instances over the course of Jay Z's career where he has shown extreme composure.

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