The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, "holy sh-t did that just happen?" experience. From Jaden Smith and Rihanna's unimpressed shade stares to Taylor Swift's 18 cutaways to reaction shots and everyone wondering who exactly was supposed to be this year's awards host, there wasn't a dull moment at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. So New York, stand up, and relive the 10 most unexpected moments of the night.

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1. Lady Gaga Wants Too $hort?

Minutes before the this year's VMAs, Sway pulled Lady Gaga to the side walking down the red carpet and asked her if there were any hip-hop features on her upcoming album. Out of nowhere, she said, "Yes! Too $hort." In the words of Lil Jon, "What?!?!"

2. The Twerking Don't Stop

Perez Hilton

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke took the stage to perform their respective singles, 'We Can't Stop,' and 'Blurred Lines,' but before Robin could finish his song of the summer, the 20-year-old booty bouncer just couldn't hold in her new talent as she stepped in front of Thicke, bent over and started twerking. Don't worry, Paula Patton, she's too young for him!

3. Rihanna's Side Eyes

Rihanna seemed less than impressed with tonight's award show, and the camera got it all on tape. From Miley's teddy bear twerk performance to Drake's lack luster set, Riri was throwing side eyes every chance she got. They only thing we can say is, Why you mad though? You'll perform next year.

3. Host Confusion

For two and a half hours, fans asked, "So, who is the host this year?"  Was it Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon or the anonymous announcer's voice? Unfortunately, that question went unanswered. 

4. Trojan Condoms

Until tonight, people have never seen so many Trojan condom and lubricant commercials replay in a two and a half hour rotation. They played twice every break. So if you got nothing else from tonight's VMA show, know that with Trojan, "It feels like nothing's there!" [Editor's note: this is not an advertorial.]

5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis For the Win(s)!

Independent hip-hop made it's way to the top tonight as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home two awards—Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Music Video With a Message. Not everyone was happy with the duo's Best Hip-Hop video win, but the powers that be have spoken. (This is the one time people were waiting for Kanye to run up on stage and protest).

6. A$AP Rocky, Unwitting Advocate for Gay Rights

Standing alongside NBA player Jason Collins, A$AP Rocky didn't seem to realize that he was joining the seven-foot basket ball giant to do a PSA for gay rights. Instead of staying in line with the topic at hand when it was his turn to speak, the visibly uncomfortable MC opted to promote A$AP Ferg's 'Trap Lord' album.

7. Jennifer Hudson Making a 'Same Love' Cameo

Media heads and fans alike have been tracking the scheduled appearances and performances set for this year's awards show, and as far as we can tell, Jennifer Hudson was nowhere on the docket. So when the 'Dreamgirls' singer joined Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on stage for their 'Same Love' performance fans were more than shocked. But as usual, she gave a great show.

8. The Cameras Love Taylor Swift

If you don't know by now, Taylor Swift didn't perform this year, but she still found her way to the stage to collect her award for Best Female Video. But even after she got her annual MTV shine, it seemed like the cameras just couldn't stop panning to see what the often heartbreak songwriter was doing in her seat. Not that anyone seems to care, but the cameras wanted to make sure everyone knows Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors' is one of her favorite songs.

9. Jaden Smith Hearts Drake


When the canned announcer's voice announced Drake's performance, Jaden Smith was sitting next to his dad smiling. Then Drake started his performance, and the only thing Jaden could do was glare. It looked like he'd spent some time with Rihanna during the breaks, because the only thing he could throw at Drizzy was three minutes and 45 seconds of complete shade.

10. The Ultimate Reunion

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