Everyone knows hip-hop has a major influence on society from fashion and lifestyle to food and liquor. Most of your favorite rhymers become money magnets by expanding their empires outside of the recording booth, giving consumers a special experience attached to their brand.

Over the years, Diddy has become synonymous with Ciroc, you can smell like hip-hop royalty with Jay Z Gold cologne and between his clothing line, countless fashion and beauty collabos, Pharrell has his hands in more pots than we can count.

But in today’s digital era, hip-hop and the people that embrace the culture are finding innovative ways to leave their imprint, particularly in the tech world. Mobile apps are the hottest new acquisitions for rappers. They allow their fans to have access, literally at their fingertips. Cam’ron has one, Kanye West is rumored to be creating one and Tyler, The Creator just announced his very own app.

Going techie is not a bad idea; some apps can rake in major cash. Nick Adler, the creator of Snoop Dogg’s Snoopify, confirmed the app was bringing in upwards of $30,000 per week in 2013. From emojis to apps that help you put together your own rap video, check out 10 hip-hop-inspired apps.

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