Seasonal Affective Disorder is real and as we get into colder weather, those who haven't been cuffed are overwhelmed with couple-centric holiday crap. And while being single might be awesome for most of the year, it can be a downer during the holidays.

Christmas means gifts, days off from school and general carefree merriment but as an adult, there’s a superficial but very real pressure to be in a relationship. Gifts are marketed towards "that special someone" rather than your little brother. Family members bring their significant others around. And let’s face it, when the weather dips below freezing, a warm person serves as the best type of blanket.

For those who aren’t boo'd up this season, here is a list of some classic albums that should be left off of your playlist. Because while your social media feeds may be full of cheesy couple pictures that make you want to gag, nobody likes a Grinch.

So here are 10 Albums to Avoid If You're Single During the Holidays.

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