Young M.A is on fire. The rap sensation is making waves with her infectious banger, "Ooouuu." The video for the song alone has garnered over 81 million views on YouTube. As she continues to grow her brand, the Brooklyn rhymer now sees herself as a role model for young gay people.

TMZ caught up with Young M.A at the airport recently. When the cameraman asked her if she sees herself as an inspiration for gay men and women, she said, “absolutely.”

As for people focusing on her sexuality as opposed to her music, Young M.A shrugs it off. “Some people do it, but not everybody does it. Most people pay attention to them bars,” she says.

The 24-year-old rapper understands the criticism some people may have about her sexuality, but she doesn’t pay it any mind. “You are going to get people who criticize about what [I’m doing],” she said. “That’s part of the game.”

Meanwhile, Young M.A's love life appears to be heating up. The rapper is reportedly dating Instagram model Tori Brixx. The couple have been displaying their affections for each other on social media. Recently, M.A and Brixx were photographed attending Starlet’s Gentlemen’s Club together in New York.