It was a night for New York's finest as Nas, Young M.A. and Dave East took the stage at Pandora's #SoundsLikeNYC event at Brooklyn Steel on Wednesday night (July 19).

Shortly after 8:30, Nas' protege, Dave East, took the stage first to provide the audience with some gutta rhymes. Young M.A. also came through with a set to make the streets proud that of course included her hit song, "OOOUUU." The Brooklyn rhymer also treated the audience to a freestyle and some wise words.

"We need more sh-t like this. No fights...None of that bullsh-t. Let's keep it positive," she said before telling the crowd that she represents herself as a "king and a queen." "It don't matta," she said.

But of course, it was Nas who closed out the night. Before the Queens legend stepped on to the stage, an epic narration that read his album names out loud filled the silence in the air. "I Am...Street's Disciple...God's Son...It Was Written...Illmatic..." (We were hoping that we would finally hear the title of Nas' next album but the narration didn't even get to Life Is Good before he took the stage.)

The hip-hop veteran kept it classic with cuts of "Less Than An Hour," "New York State of Mind," "Life's a Bitch," "The World Is Yours," "The Message," "Nas Is Like," "You Can Hate Me Now," "Got Ur Self a Gun," "Made You Look," "One Mic" and "One Love."

"I got so many songs," said Nas. "We could go all night." He was clearly right. The Queens rhymer also took the time to honor Biz Markie who was on the stage by rhyming some of "It's The Biz." "Biz Mark a pioneer," said Nas. "He's an inspiration to me."

Nas also took time to pay tribute to Prodigy, who passed away last month, by playing and rapping along to all of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones" along with the crowd. "Hip hop live forever," he said after reciting the rhymes.

When Nas' pizza-eating brother, Jabari "Jungle" Jones crashed the stage while Nas performed "One Mic," the audience wasn't sure if this was a welcomed moment or a Lil Mama-esque scenario. Luckily, it was the former as Nas' relayed a previously told tale that it was his brother who actually wrote the first few lines of "One Mic." Nas was having writer's block when his brother came up with "All I need is one mic, one beat, one stage, one n-gga front, my face on the front page."

"I took that sh-t," said Nas to laughs in the crowd. "I took it from there and I wrote this song. But he want credit for that sh-t. This n-gga want credit for mad hits. This n-gga come up with so much sh-t, I do be taking the sh-t because that's what brothers is for. You know, this is my vibe master. We in the studio now, this n-gga got me coming up with some different sh-t too again. Love."

And while we didn't get the name of the album, we learned that it is in the works. (That's right, Nas Album Not Done.)

In the end, Nas closed out the set with "One Love" and a message to his fans. "You mean everything to me," he said. "Peace and love."

Peep some photos from the event above and check out some footage from the concert below.

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