Young M.A is bringing the heat -- straight fire emojis. With over three million YouTube views on her 2014 video for “Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle)," the 23-year-old is set to be the next biggest rapper to hail from the borough calling home to Biggie and Jay Z. To end the year off strong, she's delivering a new mixtape, SleepWalkin, this week.

But in the meantime, hip-hop fans can catch the first sounds from the upcoming project with a song titled "Regular." The track features gritty, unabashed lyrics from the Brooklynite, who's been rapping since the age of 9. She rhymes about carrying straps, throwing money at strippers and why she stays "heartless to the hoes."

"Henny in my cup in the whip with a slut / I'm a squirrel in this world, I just wanna bust a nut / M.A. never slip, deuce deuce on my hip / Gotta point a n---- out like he ain't pay the rent / I will never love a hoe, I will forever be a pimp / I don’t want to hear you talk, I just wanna feel your lips," the young lyricist spits over the iJam Beats-produced song.

She also nearly duplicates legendary Brooklyn MC Biggie's hook on "Crush on You" as she rhymes, "I'm a jerk, I'm a flirt, I'm a freak / I got a different bitch every day of the week."

After Young M.A's SleepWalkin debut on Nov, 4, you can also see her live at New York City's Webster Hall on Nov. 14 to celebrate the release of her mixtape. But she's not stopping there. The rhymer is slated to follow up with her debut album, Herstory, in 2016.

Listen to Young M.A's "Regular"

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