Young Buck recently shed some light on his IRS situation. "It's hard to kind of negotiate with them," he said, regarding the $300,000 he is said to owe. "They're looking at it as three years of, 'We're reaching out to you and you're not paying us our money.' [They're] not basically understanding I really wasn't in control of my own situation. It's just about that part of the fight right now and getting that understood so I can at least know that I'm paying the correct amount that they're looking for. It's a lot of stuff in the media saying I'm suing the IRS, and that's not true. For me all my life, it ain't been hard to get money. I may say it's been hard to maintain the money. I learned from my mistakes." Really? [HipHopDX]

During a recent live chat on Facebook, George W. Bush said "If you see me in an airport, wave with all 5 fingers, but if you don't, you won't be the first." Would love to see that, actually. [StarzLife]