Rising star YG recently stopped by The Urban Daily to discuss his life and career while promoting his debut album 'My Krazy Life'. The West Coast rapper discussed the crime that landed him in jail and provided the mugshot he recreated for the cover artwork of his breakthrough album.

"Where I’m from, that’s what the teenagers up to the mid-20s is doing out there. They flocking," says YG. "That’s big in the culture. They burglarizing houses."

YG explained his past indiscretion and how luck was on his side in getting a reduced sentence, helping him land his deal with Def Jam.

“I went to jail for residential burglary and when I got out three months later, I got signed," says YG. "I was supposed to get two years in the pen. If I had gotten the two years, I wouldn’t have got signed to Def Jam."

Watch the full interview with YG above and find out how he escaped a prison bid.