Los Angeles may be known for its warm weather during the winter months, but it doesn't appear to be sunny between Compton rapper YG and star producer DJ Mustard. Apparently, the latter, whose production played a major part in the success of YG's Def Jam debut album, 'My Krazy Life,' is unhappy with his compensation for his involvement in the project.

The beef escalated via Instagram, with YG posting what appears to be a screenshot of comments DJ Mustard wrote, telling the world it seems to stop asking him about the MC's album because he doesn't "give a f---."

"F--- EVERYBODY THATT AINT GOT PAID FOR MY ALBUM," YG wrote as the caption to the image. He even goes so far as to send a subtle threat to the beatmaker, adding "and DJ MUSTARD, I KNOW WHERE YO STUDIO AT N----."

YG also alludes to not having been paid royalties from Mustard's signature drop -- "Mustard on the beat, hoe" -- which appears at the beginning of all of the producer's productions. He reveals he wasn't getting compensation for his own work on Mustard's '10 Summers' album too.

After seeing YG's post, DJ Mustard posted a screenshot of it on his own Instagram profile, with the caption, "Say no mo I ain't for no sucka s--- and this internet s--- weak we can get down this won't be the first time ...... I'm finna pull up we can squabble up !!! See yo in 30 killa ....."

The back and forth continues, this time with a screenshot of YG's call log, which displayed unanswered calls to a contact stored as "Mustard" in his iPhone.

While we're unsure of what will come of this whole situation, hopefully the two can patch things up, as the pair have undeniable chemistry. Their work together has been a major component in the resurgence of the West Coast rap scene.

Check out the full exchange below and feel free to chime in with a comment letting us know how you feel about the beef.

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