YG's summer got off to a rocky start. Last month, the rapper was shot outside of a studio in California, which had fans wondering if he would rebound after the devastating event. Fortunately, he wasn't seriously injured physically, but mentally, we can't be too sure after the stunt he pulled today on Instagram (July 7).

The My Krazy Life creator posted a photo of himself on the social media site, in which he showcasing his bandaged legs from a very obscure angle.

The photo finds YG in barely any clothes with the camera darted directly at him from the stomach up. Talk about awkward. Was the photo taken at home? In the hospital? At this point, no one knows. But what we do know is he's crazy according to his caption: "#STILLKRAZY 'ALBUM KOMING SOON.'"

The very sexualized selfie -- the dude is obviously not wearing any underwear -- is the only image on his Instagram account. YG apparently deleted every photo on the social media site after he was shot.

Despite the shooting, the rapper has been back in the studio plotting the follow-up to his Grammy-nominated album, My Krazy Life. “I’m hard to kill,” he told Billboard last month following the incident. “I got s--- to do -- this s--- don’t stop for nobody. I came straight to the studio on my little crutches.”

“And just know that I’m a regular motherf---er just like you and I’ve been through real s--- and f--- with real s---,” he continues. “And I made it out of a sticky situation, I turned a negative into a positive."

Hopefully, he takes heed to Meek Mill's advice and smartens up because the move he just pulled on IG isn't a good look at all.

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