YG recounts some of the harsh realities of living in Compton, Calif., in the visual for his hypnotic, DJ Mustard-produced single 'Bicken Back Being Bool.'

Following an epic introduction, the visual representation sees the West Coast rapper relaxing and playing dominoes with his crew before the situation quickly turns critical. A rival gang does a drive-by shooting, which provokes YG and company to respond. But as soon as their plan is set into motion, the cops arrive and put a stop to their retaliation.

"I’m a real Bompton n---- with a motherf---ing attitude / Walk up in the spot, you would think that a n---- mad at you / I was on the block chilling, homies, what's the mission? / Came back in a quickness, hoping there wasn't no witness / And they came back shooting, my homies went back shooting / Ain’t nobody hitting nothing, man this s--- getting stupid / And my homies with the news so they grabbed that tool / This all started from a day of n----s bicken back being bool," he raps.

'Bicken Back Being Bool' appears on YG's breakthrough album, 'My Krazy Life,' in stores now.