Summer may be coming to an end soon but YG and DJ Mustard are making sure that it goes out with a bang, as the two just announced an upcoming collaboration tape, 400 Summers.

At first, the two played it coy, as YG posted up a hinted message that they were collaborating together.

"Me & @DJmustard back vibe'n," read his tweet with a photo of himself and DJ Mustard against a Cadillac.

But it seems that the two couldn't hold in the news much longer.

“400 SUMMERS MIXTAPE COMING…Wasn’t pose to give it away but f--- it @YG," tweeted Mustard.
YG went to Instagram to share the news. "400 SUMMERS TAPE KOMIN SOON ON BOMPTON," read the caption with the same photo of the two.

It's been two years since the two collaborated on a track together. Mustard played a big part in YG's earlier mixtape, Ketchup and debut album, My Krazy Life. The two also released joint tapes in the past with the Just Re'd Up series. But when YG dropped his widely successful sophomore album, Still Krazy, earlier this year, DJ Mustard was no where to be found in the producers list.

In an interview with FADER, YG explained why DJ Mustard didn't make it onto his latest album.

"I’ve been going through a lot of s---, ups and downs," he said. "I fell out with the homies. Like DJ Mustard and all the other homies — it’s why I ain’t got no Mustard beats on my album. I had a daughter, and that’s a good thing. But a couple weeks after I had my daughter, I got shot."

We're happy to see that the two are on good terms and will finally be reuniting. We're also pretty sure that they're bound to have some songs for the summer turn up.

Check out their posts above and below.