YC The Cynic's 'The Heaviest Cross' was one of the standout songs from his excellent album 'GNK' that dropped last August. But now, YC has made the track even better by adding Homeboy Sandman to the mix and crafting some new verses himself for the remix 'The Heaviest Cross 2.0' produced by Frank Drake.

The two New York-bred rhymers reflect on the crosses they have to bear in their respective lives over a bombastic production by the aforementioned Frank Drake. YC rhymes, "Cynic's so nice, what a bright anomaly / throw a fist up, try to fight the cavalry / damn, who'll be the sacrifice in the three days come back to life / a the new savior and king in this afterlife / accept fate, do the same damn thing and sleep fast a night."

Make sure you pick up YC The Cynic's 'GNK' album, which features the original version of this song, right now at his official Bandcamp page.

Listen to YC The Cynic's 'The Heaviest Cross 2.0' featuring Homeboy Sandman

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