Homeboy Sandman and director Jeff Broadway came up with a crazy concept for this new music video. The Queens, NY rapper's video for the Jonwayne-produced single 'Refugee' is highly entertaining even it has very little to do with Sandman's words.

The video sees Homeboy Sandman arrive in a sketchy beachfront area before being swarmed on and chased by the locals. Sandman manages to successfully escape the pursuit before dipping into the trailer of an old woman. There he's presented with a nasty sandwich before being threatened with a knife. He finally finds refuge in a colorful cave as the video comes to an end. While that may sound convoluted, Sandman's rhymes are direct and to the point. His opening salvo is an impressive one.

Sandman raps, "I just turned down a Univision promo / Hell no, I live in slow-mo / But sometimes I gotta lower the people’s elbow / Only promise was my name on a fat check / And travel to a beach where I could catch rays rather than catch wreck / I earned the type of rep Prep taught me at Aspects / Always teach babies in bassinets / My road be traveled mad less, winding through forests and passed tents / Mountains, till they talk about me in the past tense / My blood be the A+ / I didn’t know what Staten Island was till Wu-Tang and King Just / While I was playing duck hunt brothers were sitting ducks / So if I’m still breathing then I’m just dinged up / I got strong in the process / From sinning with the saints, kicking game with the prophets / Decided at the gate to keep my name out of gossip / I found that keeping faith prove fruitful / Muchos gracias."

'Refugee' appears on Homeboy Sandman's latest album 'Hallways' is available now on Stones Throw Records.

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