In a controversial move, popular rapper/singer Wyclef Jean has announced that he will run for president in Haiti's upcoming election.

Though Wyclef said that he felt compelled to run by the people of his earthquake-stricken homeland, he is already facing opposition from a source very close to home; his former partner-in-rhyme in The Fugees and fellow Haitian, Pras Michel.

'Clef is responsible for creating a great amount of attention for his earthquake-stricken homeland, raising over 10 million via his Yele Haiti charity, yet Pras has revealed that he will be siding with the other candidate, Michel Martelly.

"All Haitians around the world it's going to take all of us to start this reconstruction for Haiti !!! Michel Martelly for president 2010!!!" Pras tweeted. "It's official the people are asking for it I'm here in the belly of Haiti I endorse Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti!!!!!"

Pras went on to explain that he is endorsing Martelly because he considers him to be me the most likely to help Haiti rebuild. "I endorse Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti because he is the most competent candidate for the job," Pras said.

Though Pras has yet to officially address his position, he did explain that he shares the same concerns as actor Sean Penn regarding 'Clef's candidacy."What the Haitian people need now is a leader who's genuinely willing to sacrifice. One reason I don't know very much about Wyclef jean because I haven't seen or heard of him in these last six months that I've been in Haiti," Penn said.

"Sean Penn understands what's really going and understand what Haiti really needs," Pras tweeted, in support.

Pras is scheduled to appear on CNN on Friday, August 6 to further explain his position.