Rapper and political activist Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand while making a telephone call in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Saturday evening, and today one of the concert organizers who brought him to the country has released statements, urging people not to lose faith in Wyclef's cause.

"It is clear that enemies of progressive change in Haiti are behind the shooting of Wyclef -- those that don't want to accept that a monumental change is inevitable for the betterment of the Haitian people," said concert organizer Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond. "This incident will not deter those of us that see the election as crucial to the country's future. Today, hundreds of thousands of Haitians are heading to the polls to determine the leader of Haiti."

Reverend Al Sharpton, who has worked with Wyclef in attempting to aid the earthquake-stricken nation, said that he hoped Sunday's presidential election would continue to run smoothly despite the shooting, and that he would pray for the rapper, who was thankfully not critically injured. "We are happy that Wyclef is okay but we continue to pray for him and for a peaceful and fair election today in Haiti."

Wyclef was visiting his native country in support of Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly, and had appeared in a long awaited reunion with his legendary rap group the Fugees on Thursday, when his hand was grazed by a bullet, as he stepped out of his car in Port-au-Prince.

Watch Wyclef's 'Election Time'
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