Wyclef Jean made headlines last week after a bullet supposedly grazed his hand while paying a visit to his native Haiti. But the former Fugee sees the incident as an opportunity to help educate the masses.

The 41-year-old recently spoke on how his brush with death was a blessing in disguise, shedding light on the Haitian elections and making those aware of what's going on in the country.

"It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day," he told People magazine on the red carpet at Las Vegas' Haze Nightclub with a Haitian flag bandaged around his wound. "I don't think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me."

Jean, who was also performing at the nightclub, also addressed rumors that he was actually cut by broken glass instead of a bullet. "It was definitely a graze," he said of the attempted assassination. "The bullet didn't go in or anything. There's a lot to the story ... The story is about the fact that we had an election and our party is in the lead. It's a young party, trying to take over the country.''

In his native country last week, Wyclef was shot in the hand in Port-au-Prince while riding in a car with Busta Rhymes and music executive Jimmy Rosemond. The trio was there to perform in support of Michael Martelly's bid for president.

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