In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week, Wyclef talks about recovering from exhaustion and Nick Cannon tells MC Hammer both their beefs with Eminem and Jay-Z are being ignored. David Banner had a flashback to his childhood and John Legend felt shorted by organic grocery store Whole Foods because they don't carry his favorite season salt. And, though Paul Wall had a bad week, he still found time to go weave shopping with his wife.

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1. @Wyclef (Wyclef Jean): I am feeling much better, and thank you to all my Fans and warriors for your love around the World! I will be back soon stronger then ever

2. @NickCannon (Nick Cannon): Hey @MCHAMMER you know you my dude but I don't think Eminem or Jay Z are paying attention to us!!! LOL...But I don't have nothing to lose!! If I get beat up no one would be surprised...It will just be more material for my stand up!

3. @THEREALBANNER (David Banner): I just broke a wine glass in my house and I got scared like my mama (was) going to whip my ass – then I was like this my s---

4. @JohnLegend (John Legend): I can't completely respect Whole Foods until they carry Lawry's. You have to go to the regular grocery story to get our Lawry's. This isn't organic, I guess?

5. @paulwallbaby (Paul Wall): At the beauty supply waitin on @cryswallbaby to come out, she's in there buying up all the milky way and yakki #4