Wrestlemania XXVIII went down on Sunday (April 1), which showcased a match between John Cena and The Rock, held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. Both wrestlers chose players in the hip-hop game to perform as they entered the ring. Cena relied on Bad Boy Records signee Machine Gun Kelly for his soundtrack while The Rock selected Flo Rida.

Before MGK hit the stage he shared his excitement over the momentous occasion with his Twitter followers.

Diddy introduced the Ohio native in front of the packed house before he went into his track "Invincible" featuring Ester Dean. The latter wasn't in attendance and singer Skylar Grey took her place, crooning through the chorus.

Rhymer Flo Rida opened up for The Rock, rapping through his Avicii-inspired hit "Good Feeling" and "Wild Ones."

Watch Machine Gun Kelly Perform at Wrestlemania 2012

Watch Flo Rida Perform at Wrestlemania 2012

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