Super fans go to great lengths to get close to their favorite artist. From lining up for hours at meet and greets to sneaking into their rooms after the show, a dedicated fan will do almost anything to show their devotion to their favorite hip-hop star. Some even go as far as getting inked in their honor.

Rap fan tattoos range from lyrics on an arm to a portrait on the back -- the list goes on. While some pieces are beautifully done, there's cringe-worthy artwork that is just downright wrong. Remember the fan who decided to brand her forehead with Drake's name? Well, that's only the tip of the tattooed iceberg. Check out 10 Worst Rap Fan Tattoos.

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    When this photo hit the Web, the press and just about everyone else had a field day doing everything from questioning this woman's sanity to wondering what Drake thinks of it. Vice tracked down Kevin Campbell, the tattoo artist who created this piece. He said that the forehead tattoo was what the customer asked for and she even picked out the font. However, it seems she didn't realize just what it'd look like until the damage was already done.

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    Nicki Minaj

    Bizarre's made a name for himself in the hip-hop game as a member of Detroit's D12. But even with all the fame he's received, that doesn't mean he's not a fan of the genre and its major players. He went and proved his affection for one rapper in the form of a tattoo. The man infamously known for rocking a shower cap went and got Nicki Minaj tattooed on his arm. Unfortunately, this particular image makes her look like a disturbed femme bot. We're just waiting for lasers to come out of her eyes.

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    Tupac Shakur

    We're not sure about the connection between the late rapper and unicorns here. This ink job is creepy because the work is done so well. However, imagining Tupac frolicking around as a unicorn with stars surrounding him isn't something rap fans usually do. Perhaps the tattoo artist that created this work hated hip-hop. This is one ink job gone horribly wrong.

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    50 Cent

    Besides how big this actual tattoo is, the artist seemed to confuse 50 Cent with Darth Maul from 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' -- we can slightly see the likeness of the New York rapper. Fif looks crazy in the piece, as if he's ready to jump off this kid's back and attack you. We think 50 would approve of this tat landing on our list of Worst Rap Fan Tattoos.

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    Kanye West

    If you think tramp stamps were bad, check out this girl's ink. She decided to get a tattoo of Kanye West's first name on her derriere. Sure, this permanent artwork is easy to conceal, but to put Yeezy's entire name across both butt cheeks is a bit excessive and probably painful.

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    Notorious B.I.G.

    This person clearly didn't want the East Coast/West Coast rivalry to end. In this tattoo, both Biggie and Tupac's bodies are riddled with bullet holes. Then there's a ghoulish figuring appearing in Big's cigar smoke -- such a morbid ode to hip-hop. Not only is this poorly done, but it can also be viewed as quite offensive to some.

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    Lil Wayne

    Not only does this tattoo look unfinished, it also looks nothing like Lil Wayne -- or does it? Take a close look above the eyebrow on this piece and you'll see the words "I am music." Now, loyal Weezy fans know that the rapper bares the same ink on his face. But that's where the similarities end.

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    Snoop Dogg

    This guy must really like the pimping lifestyle by choosing to get Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don Magic Juan inked on his wrists. On one side, he's got the serious pimp and on the other, the "chuuuch"-shouting MC. Is this the message he wants to send someone when reaching for a handshake? At that next job interview, we think not. It really is hard out here for a pimp.

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    Ol' Dirty Bastard

    Aside from his collaboration with Mariah Carey on the remix to 'Fantasy,' Ol' Dirty Bastard isn't really the epitome of sugary sweetness. However, this person thought it would be adorable to put the 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' rapper's face on a cupcake. This is one pastry we wouldn't want to devour.

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    Chief Keef

    The photos showcased in this Worst Rap Fan Tattoos list are horrible, and this one is no exception. From the tiny mustache on Chief Keef's face to his squinty eyes, the tattoo artist added 30 years to the teenager's age with this tattoo. This fan is the ultimate Keef supporter, even placing his government name above his cheesing portrait, which takes up a big portion of the fan's back. A bit much don't you think?