Last year, Oliver Lewis solidified his title as world's fastest violinist when he performed Rimsky-Korsakov's orchestral interlude 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on BBC's 'Blue Peter' in 1 minute and 3.356 seconds. BlackBook magazine caught up with the violinist, who plans on breaking his own record at some point this year, as he treated them to an interpretation of Kanye West's 'Dark Fantasy' off 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' and compares the rapper/producer to baroque composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.

"This sounds like a really weird thing to say, but Kanye's very close to Vivaldi," Lewis tells BlackBook. "In Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons,' which is one of the greatest classical pieces ever written, there are certain riffs in it that fit into Kanye's music really naturally. And he's so expressive, of course. He says what he thinks, whether you like that or not, but he's honest."

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