Aside from showing off her unique sense of fashion -- and lots of skin -- on red carpets as of late, Rihanna is also a soccer enthusiast outside of commanding the charts as a pop star. Fans have been witnessing her love for the game via Twitter every time a FIFA World Cup match begins. Since the start of the sports extravaganza, RiRi has been candid about her feelings towards the teams and players.

From play-by-play commentary to photos of her showing support for various countries -- Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands and Brazil, to name a few -- the 'Unapologetic' singer has been sharing her love for the sport with her Twitter followers in between gushing about her newborn niece. With the final matches taking place this weekend, we provide you with a recap of the World Cup (so far) through Rihanna's eyes.

The songstress began her commentary during the match between Germany and Portugal on June 16, which was the start of the group stages. But that didn't mean she didn't show love to others like the home team.

And as we moved out of the group stages and into the following rounds, it was clear to see that Rihanna would question her loyalty because her favorite teams were now playing against one another.

While she seemed to stay quiet during the semi-final matches between Brazil and Germany as well as Argentina and the Netherlands, we're sure that she'll break the silence as the third place match takes place tomorrow (July 12) and the final between Germany and Argentina goes down on Sunday (July 13).

An overall look at RiRi's World Cup journey over the past month leads us to believe she'll be rooting for the Germans on Sunday.