Are Wyclef Jean, Wale and the same person? Apparently so, according to a Miami news reporter.

Blake Burman, who covers the political scene for WSVN 7 NEWS, needs his hip-hop card revoked immediately after he failed to properly identify Black Eyed Peas leader not once, but twice while reporting live from Barack Obama's headquarters Tuesday night (Nov. 6).

The initial mistake was made while was giving an interview with another reporter a few feet away from Burman. As the camera panned in the entertainer's direction, Burman nodded and adamantly said, "That's Wyclef Jean giving an interview." Wrong.

He then tried to fix his rap blunder after someone off-camera corrected him. "Sorry, who i...? Wale," Burman stated. "Excuse me, Wale. Got my artists mixed up." Wrong, again.

Finally, he proceeded to give the right answer after being corrected off-camera once more. "! Good grief am I tired," Burman disclosed, obviously embarrassed. "It's I'm sorry, I'm mixing up my artists here."

Witness the TV blooper below.

Watch WSVN's Blake Burman Mistake for Wyclef Jean & Wale

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