As AOL Music reports, just as Whitney Houston's death investigation has closed, a recording of the 911 call made on her behalf on the night of her tragic death has been released.

As the dramatic recording reveals, the emergency service official who received the call was unable to speak directly with Whitney's assistant, who discovered Houston unconscious and face-down in the bathtub in her Beverly Hills hotel room.

The 911 call from Beverly Hilton security on Feb. 11 reveals the emergency operator couldn't get through to Houston's room, to relay vital information such as CPR instructions, to the singer's assistant, because she refused to stay on the phone. "She keeps hanging up on us," the hotel security official who made the call told the 911 dispatcher.

Just hours before releasing the recording, the Beverly Hills Police Department closed the case on Houston's death. "Based on the findings of our investigation and our review of the coroner's report, we have determined that this is not a criminal matter," police announced in a statement. The legend died of accidental drowning with cocaine use and heart disease contributing to her death at the age of 48.

Listen to the 911 call below.

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