Frank Ocean, the R&B portion of LA-based shock-rap collective Odd Future has blown out of the basement of Def Jam records with his latest mixtape 'Nostalgia, Ultra' -- a smart, fluid release fueled by the popularity (or unpopularity) of his skater-punk friend Tyler, the Creator.

In this unofficial video for his song 'We All Try,' shot and directed by the High Five Collective, a young woman tries to get away from her abusive boyfriend, but the tables quickly turn and her assailant dies suddenly. We enter the video as the woman begins cleaning up the mess while devising a way to dispose of the body -- oh, and just wait for the twist ending!

Ocean's latest video for 'Acura Integral' features the up-and-coming singer racing down the freeway in a suped up sports car while a piano riff plays him through the coastal dusk. He also shows up to sing the hook in Tyler, the Creator's latest stalker video 'She.' This may just be the beginning of a Frank Ocean summer.

Watch the Unofficial Video for Frank Ocean's 'We All Try'