Remix projects aren't what they used to be and these days you've got to be pretty inventive to catch our attention.

So let's hand it to Adam WarRock, who's X-Men-inspired Watch the Throne X project recently came across our desk. It's an entire album dedicated to the the world of X-Men, over the beats from Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative LP Watch the Throne. Now that's creative.

"Is it weird that every time I think about "Watch the throne," I always imagined Professor X?" Warrock explains. "I guess I think about the X-Men way too much.... I wanted to focus on things that weren't just individual heroes. I wanted to focus on bigger ideas and concepts for song bases."

Check out some of the track's from the 10-song LP below, and if you're feeling the project head on over to Comics Alliance, where you can download it exclusively.

Listen to Adam WarRock "Mutants in America"

Listen to Adam WarRock "Cerebro"

Listen to Adam WarRock "Teamwork

Listen to Adam WarRock "B.L.A.M."

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