Noname recently lit up NPR's popular Tiny Desk Concert series, with an intimate performance that showcased her thought-provoking lyrics.

"I kind of talk in like, scramble-think, so hopefully you guys follow it," the Chicago artist told the small audience before performing her poignant single, "Reality Check."

"Seventeen moments and cloudy days on my snap/Mysterious aberration, illuminated the trap/My telefone-calications synonymous with the sunrise/Mountains against the foreground forever me coming back/I ain't gonna cry," she shares on the song.

In the time that she's been on the scene, she's proven to be a gifted lyricist with a penchant for painting vivid pictures with her scattered rhyme style that evokes the permeating simplicity of Langston Hughes' poetry, mashing it with the sensibility of Nicki Giovanni and Jean Grae. Basically, Noname is on some next level and she readily showcases her skill as she runs through "Diddy Bop," "Yesterday" and a medley of "Reality Check," "Casket Pretty," and "Bye Bye Baby" from her acclaimed debut mixtape, Telefone.

Check out her dynamic performance above.


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