Continuing to promote his third studio album, 'The Gifted,' Wale gave fans another taste of his latest project by releasing the visual for 'Golden Salvation.'

The Lee Major-produced track starts off with a pastor screaming, "Praises. Give thanks to the Father. Holy Water," then cuts to a congregation of people clapping, yelling and catching the Holy Ghost. The clever clip is a literal take on the song's concept as we see events transpire through the jewel eyes of a Jesus piece pendant. During Wale's meditation on materialism versus spirituality we see the cycle of the chain's "life" as it changes hands. The Jesus piece goes from wannabe baller to the hands of a robber turned murder to a pawn shop and finally back to the original church scene, which is revealed to be a funeral service for the chain's original owner.

Wale gets props for a thought-provoking song and an equally smart video. Watch the clip above.