Wale is no stranger to facing controversy from his performances, and his recent homecoming show at University of Mary Robinson is the latest snafu in the rapper's career.

The Washington, D.C. native played a gig at an outdoor homecoming concert at the university this past Saturday after students voted to have him play the campus. But after three residents complained about his graphic use of profanity and volume of the concert, the University's President has been moved to make an apology.

"Not only was the music extremely loud, but the language contained in the lyrics was upsetting to those who would not choose to attend a concert of this nature," wrote President Rick Hurley in a letter to Virginia's Free Lance-Star paper. "I am sorry that a high-spirited weekend on campus ended on such a negative note for some of our closest neighbors who were offended by both the volume and the content of the music."

Wale previously faced criticism after unexpectedly pulling out of a $20,000 performance during the LGBT-sponsored Black Pride Legacy Festival in May, after which fans and organizers branded him as homophobic. The Interscope recording artist later apologized to fans by performing a free show.

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