A bevy of stars came out in New York City on Sept. 6 for the premiere of True to the Game. The film, based on the classic 1999 urban novel by Teri Woods, stars Columbus Short, Erica Woods, Vivica A. Fox and the late Nelsan Ellis in his final film role. It tells the story of star-crossed lovers Gena (Peeples) and Quadir (Short) in Philadelphia. He's a drug kingpin, she's a writer.

"I acquired the rights ten years ago, I took my time to get it produced right," explained executive producer Manny Halley. "I'm actually the producer, the guy behind the scenes to try and help to put the puzzle together to make it happen."

Like many, Halley and the rest of the cast and crew were shocked to hear of Ellis' passing earlier this year.  "He was a great actor and we were all deeply saddened when we heard the news."

Vivica A. Fox plays Shoog, a mother who has led a hard-nosed life of crime.

"I haven't really played too many gangsta characters," she said. "When we did Set It Off that was one thing that I absolutely enjoyed— I kinda got my street cred from that film, so I'm glad that here it is years later that I still got my street cred with Shoog."

True to the Game opens nationwide Friday, September 8. Check out the trailer for the film above. See the gallery below.

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